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History of Dance in Argentina

Dancing in Argentina


Dance is a popular as a hobby, for exercise and as a form of entertainment no matter where you are in the world. Each country has its own history of dance and this often relates to the culture and customs of the country. The history of dance in Argentina is long and interesting as this country has a huge passion for dancing.

The Argentinean History of Dance


In Argentina, both music and dance are strongly linked to traditions and are an integral part of community life. The different regions all have their own dance styles, music styles and performance dress. These dance styles originate from countries all over the world and are also inspired by a variety of South American cultural influences. Many dances began as simple rural dances that reflected the lives and emotions of those dancing them. These often then became more complex routines. Although the tango is one of the best-known dances from Argentina, there are several other distinctive dance styles that have a long history in Argentina.

Chámame is a traditional Argentinean dance usually found in the eastern regions of the country. It is highly influenced by dance and music styles of Germany, Austria and Poland, such as the folk dances of polka and waltz. The chámame was born when these styles were combined with the rhythms of African and Caribbean beats that were the origins of Latin American music and dance.

Cuarteto music is an upbeat style that is usually played on accordions, violins and the piano. The dance that accompanies this music involves partners dancing together in a dance that is not dissimilar to the meringue. This dance can also be performed in groups and the dancers move around in a circular motion. This particular dance originates from Colombia, another South American country. Whether dances as a partnership or in groups, this is a popular choice at social gatherings.

When you think of Argentina, the Argentinean tango is one of the first things that springs to mind. This dance is often associated with the upper-classes. However, its beginnings are quite different. In the early days, the tango was a passionate style of dance performed by the lower-classes. It is believed that the tango was first danced in the bars of Buenos Aires, the country’s capital city, where the only women present were prostitutes. At the time, group dancing was the socially acceptable form of physical movement, but the tango broke away from the norm and allowed men and women to partner up and flirt. The population of this dance spread right across Argentina and is now one of the most well-known and best-loved Latin American ballroom dances.

Influences on Modern Dance in Argentina

tango (1)

The history of dance in Argentina has impacted on dance in the modern day. Not only has it made Argentina famous for the Argentinean Tango, it has developed dance as part of the Argentinean culture and lifestyle. Many of the traditional dances are still danced today and each of these has a variety of influences from across the globe.

A Few Words


Dance Culture in Argentina / Tango

Tango and the dance culture of Argentina are not just about music and movement. For many people they are a way of life. This blog is all about the various styles of dance and music from different regions of Argentina. Read More...

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