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Famous People That Know How To Tango

Lets tango in the night2015-09-17 15_41_51-dscn4510.jpg (4000×3000)

So there are famous people that can dance the tango, and perhaps do so with style. Mind you the tango has a reputation for being a hard dance to learn so it might mean celebrities are better movers than they been previously given credit for. If they can do a passable tango it is also means they can act a bit too.

Learning to perform the tango to a reasonably high standard requires plenty of dedication, hard work, and perhaps a great deal of practice, should their hectic celebrity life style give them enough spare time to do so. Bearing that in mind knowing the famous people that have the ability to do the tango could cast them into a different light altogether. So if you thought famous people may have had only one string to their bow you may have misjudged them. Most people cannot picture TV pundit Clive James doing a tango, but apparently he does.

Then of course if they dance like Evander Holyfield it would be going too far to describe anything he performed as a tango or any other type of dance for that matter. Not that anyone would tell him he could not tango.

Dancing the tango with celebrities

Courtesy of the extremely popular global Dancing with the Stars / Strictly Come Dancing TV franchise there are a lot more famous people who know how to the tango. As any avid viewer of such shows could tell you the celebrities that stay in long enough to perform a tango approach it with a mixture of dread and excitement. Then the famous people that progress through the entire series get to perform the Argentine tango as well. Just in case the ordinary tango was not too hard to learn there is the undoubted challenge of the Argentine tango. Famous people that know how to perform an Argentine tango well perhaps should consider becoming a professional dancer.

Famous actor Robert de Niro has been known to dabble with both a tango and an Argentine tango, Robert Duval seemed to enjoy learning to dance the tango and other routines so much that he was married to his dance instructor for a while. Duval has even visited Argentina a few times as he cannot get enough of the Argentine tango. Perhaps one day they might even get to perform a tango in one of their movies.

Just keep on dancing the tango awayimage

Perhaps it should be no surprise that there are famous people who know to tango. After all it is a means for them to keep in shape, it gives them another skill, and above all else they enjoy it too. Perhaps one of the most famous tango scenes in any movie featured Rock Hudson and Nancy Walker, both of whom danced it really well.

Yet as long as Dancing with the Stars / Strictly Come Dancing remains a highly popular TV franchise expect more famous people to know how to do a tango, even if it is just to avoid being voted of the show. Mind you some countries seem to have different ideas about makes someone a celebrity.

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